DIY Reverse Braker Bleeder Quick Start



Get started with your Reverse Brake Bleeder quickly

Air Wants To Go UP!

The Phoenix Reverse Brake Bleeder is based on an incredibly obvious concept: Air wants to go up. That’s it. 

Reverse Bleeding...So Simple

Reverse bleeding: It’s an idea so simply and obviously right that most people ask, Why didn’t anyone think of that before?

Trapped Air Is The Enemy

Pros have known for years that trapped air kills the response of even high-end brake system . . . and leave your “average” brake or clutch assembly mushy, weak and dangerous.

Reverse Bleed

Vacuum Bleed

Pressure Bleed

Learn How To:

 The Secret Weapon Revealed

Bench Bleed

How To Perform A Reverse Bleed

Some dealers and professional shops charge as much as $100 to bleed your brakes with a Phoenix Reverse Bleeder.

One Man One Tool 10 Minutes!

One man can quickly bleed the most difficult brake or clutch systems in as little as 10 minutes...even ABS.

Works With ABS

Simple & Portable

The V12 DIY is completely portable and doesn't require electricity or compressed air to operate. Use it at home, the shop, at the track or on the trail.

Anything with hydraulic brakes will stop quicker and safer, including motorcycles, ATV's and bicycles. Works on any hydraulic system, also great for clutches!

Multiple Uses

Features & Benefits

 "The Phoenix Systems DIY Reverse Brake Bleeder Obliterates Trapped Air FAST! Stopping You Quicker & Safer...Guaranteed!"

So how do the pros obliterate trapped air, make sure every brake system performs to its top potential and get a rock-hard pedal every time? By pushing the air up! 

Get The Trapped Air Out

New brake fluid pushes trapped air from the low point in a brake or clutch system up.

Everything's Included

Everything you need to perform Patented Reverse, Bench, Vacuum and Pressure bleeding is included. Works on any vehicle!

Reverse bleeding uses the natural fluid path back to the master cylinder, which allows fluid to flow through ABS valving.

Saves You Money

You May Be Suffering From Trapped Air

Air is the enemy to your hydraulic brake or clutch system. Air causes your brakes to respond slower or in the worst cases, not at all. No other bleeder can remove more air than the V-12 DIY "reverse" bleeder.

Discover If Your Safety Is At Risk

Why The Reverse Brake Bleeder Is A Must Have Tool

Are You Getting 100% Stopping Power?

The only way you'll know if you have 100% stopping power is by bleeding your brakes with a Phoenix Reverse Bleeder.

By “bleeding” air out of your brake system, the V-12 gives you rock hard pedal response every time, meaning better performance for your vehicles and safety for you, your family and your friends.

Stacey David from Gearz TV Reverse Bleeds the brakes on his "Knuckle Buster" project truck

US Military Tested & Demanded

Need more proof that Phoenix Brake Tools are the “Real Deal?” We don’t like to brag, but we think the fact that the US Military recently decided to include our top-end brake bleeder (the V12’s “big brother”) in its Standard Automotive Tools Set (SAT) speaks VOLUMES.

OEM Approved

Need More Proof ?

Racing Recommended

Phoenix Systems is the official brake bleeder for several performance brake manufacturers like Baer Brakes. To get maximum performance for Baer Brakes use a Phoenix Bleeder.

Phoenix reverse bleeding is a patented technology approved and recommended by GM, Bendix Brakes and the United States Armed Forces.

Phoenix Systems MaxPro Brake Bleeder is included in the US Miltary's Standard Automotive Tool Set (SATS)

The DIY Reverse Brake Bleeder will obliterate trapped air restoring 100% stopping power. 

Bleed Brakes in 10 Minutes

Bleed Brakes By Yourself

Bleed All Brakes, even ABS

Get Perfect Brake Pedal Feel

How To Perform A Vacuum Bleed

How To Perform A Bench Bleed

How To Perform A Pressure Bleed

Reverse Bleed Method

Vacuum Bleed Method

Pressure Bleed Method

Bench Bleed Method