Safeguard Stopping Power!

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BrakeStrip Brake Fluid Test Strips help to provide stopping insurance for your brakes.  Regular brake fluid tests will help you:

           Protect Your Brake System

           Protect Your Family

           Safeguard Stopping Power

           Prevent Costly ABS Damage


Over time, brake fluid wears out.  This leaves the brake system vulnerable to corrosion.  Of particular concern are the sensitive Antilock Brake System (ABS) components.  High levels of corrosion could cause the ABS to fail during an emergency stop.

The Issue

A simple test strip is now available to detect the level of corrosion protection remaining in your brake fluid.  It's like a cholesterol test for your brake fluid.

The Test

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Flush the old brake fluid and contaminants out.  Replace it with fresh brake fluid.  Corrosion inhibitors in the new brake fluid help protect your brake systems, protect your family, safeguard stopping power, and prevent costly ABS damage.

The Solution

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ABS Corrosion

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